Welcome To Mary Runs

MaryRuns is a mobile GPS app designed by and for Women Runners.

My name is Beau D'Amore and I am the developer of both the iPhone app and website. My girlfriend, Mary, is a lifetime runner with thousands of hours running while using various GPS apps to track her. She asked me one day, "Could you create a custom runners' app specially tailored for women?". It sounded like a great idea and here we are!

Mary belongs to several runners' groups and has participated in countless 5k's, 10k's, half and full marathons. over her 25+ years of running. She asked hundreds of her fellow female runners what features women like best in a GPS app. I intend to bring each feature, one by one, into this app and website.

You can register via this website or inside the mobile iOS app itself. (DROID and Windows versions are coming) This website allows registered users to view their entire run history and running stats quickly and easily.

Register Today and start enjoying our app right away!